During our last development, we were lacking a link between our brand new JIRA® Cloud instance and our Subversion repository. It was frustrating and for many reasons we didn't want to move to git just to solve this.

So we went ahead and created our add-on for JIRA® Cloud. Since then we discovered we were not the only ones with this issue. Therefore we made it available to the public.


Svn Gateway is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.


  • Connects your Jira Cloud instance to 1 or more Svn repositories, accessible from the Internet or on the Intranet
  • Shows all commits related to a Jira issue, based on the commit comments containing the Jira issue
  • Shows all files related to each commit (up to 100 per commit)
  • Optional: makes a link to your Subversion viewer webapp for each revision


This product is paid via Atlassian.


Don't hesitate to contact us: see Support below

Confidentiality and security

Mode 1: If you select to use the SvnFeeder program to send the data to Svn Gateway from your intranet

The credentials used to access your subversion repository with Svn Gateway are stored in a configuration file on a computer in your network.

The only information communicated to us is the content of your SVN logs.

You will be responsible for ensuring that the program to feed our add-on runs on a regular basis in your installation. See details on the Svn Gateway installation details.

Mode 2: if you select to let Svn Gateway retrieve data from an Internet-based repository

In this mode, we will need to store your credentials to access your Subversion repository. We will store these credential encrypted in our database (not hashed).
If this is not acceptable for you, you need to use the above option.

For increased security, it would be a good idea to configure a read-only SVN user and configure these credentials in our add-on.

Both modes

We are storing all the commit details (revision number, date, author and commit comment) in our database, so that we can search for commit comments that match a particular JIRA® issue.
We do not, however, retrieve any of your actual files: the only SVN commands we achieve are svn log. Our add-on is accessed through https only, and uses the JWT security implemented with the latest line of Atlassian products.
We are collecting access logs in our servers, in order to track attacks and usage issues.
There's a Google Analytics account linked to the add-on to allow us to have an idea about the global usage.


We are eager to help!

We will be online to help you at least 8 hours a day, 6 days/week. We always respond within 24 hours.